Monday, 28 November 2016

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

African masks represents spirits of animals or ancestors,mythological heroes or moral values.They are made from wood,pottery,textiles,copper and bronze.African masks are usually made in various ceremonies and social events such as weddings and funerals.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

WALT write a narrative about the girl and the clock tower

Once in a faraway land there lived a unique and alluring girl.  She lived in a vibrant village and she would dance rapidly and intensely in the tall clock tower.  It was as tall as one million buses stacked on top of each other.  Her dress was maroon coloured and her shoes were bright pink. She danced gracefully like a ballerina. Her brown hair was wrapped around with gold round rings. Her ears had  gold hoop earrings.  The roofs are pointed and the white houses shimmer in the dim light of the sun.The silence has disappeared into thin air and the noise have made themselves useful by the help of  a  person.  

The clocktower is twisted and twirled.A gear wheel helps the tower work.  The roof looks like a turtle's shell.Inside lays a beautiful ballerina twisting and twirling in the air gracefully.Her gown makes her beauty shine.One day she felt curious about what was happening in the world outside her?She tiptoed down the elegant stairs.As soon as she stepped outside, the colour of grey covered the whole village and made it lifeless and dull. She pirouetted and tapped a balloon, it turned lush green.  When she let it go, it turned grey again.  She then found out she was the secret key to the town’s happiness.”I wish I could see world outside”. If she started dancing again in the  mechanical clock tower the village would become normal once more.

In the clocktower she finds a round flat red button which she presses immediately to find out what secret is behind the button.  himself comfy, so looks like he is going to stay.  The colours in the city.  As soon as she presses it the walls part and inside she finds a strange, old note which says:
Dear Young Girl,
In this tall clock tower there is some power,
To help you find the way to your wish,look in the hallways to find a fish
The fish will tell what to do,make sure sure you go to loo.
The process is long,so make sure you sing a song.
Once you do this you will find something magical that will help you,make sure you have some clue.

After reading this letter the girl found a picture of a fish on the wall.  On it was the lyrics to a song.  She sung the lyrics which made the walls part once again.  But this time she found a magical treasure chest.  With curious thoughts, she opened the chest with the key beside it.  Something shiny and sparkly made her eyes twinkle.   After realising that it was a tiara with history she carefully put the tiara on her head.  The world around her twirled and spinned in circles and she felt dizzy, after spinning for a while she ended up outside.  But this time it didn’t turn lifeless and dull.  Instead the town stayed the same,colourful and beautiful with laughter and happiness.

By Dhruvi and Aaliya!

I like the way we made the story long and interesting
Next time we will add more similes and metaphors

Monday, 24 October 2016

WALT write a description about a giant

The Giant 
“Thump, thump, thump,” the ginormous but skinny looking giant stomped towards the lush green mountains.  He was as skinny as a pencil but as tall as tall as the empire state building. Did you know he was so old that he could've seen the dinosaurs!  His old, grey hair looked like rain clouds that surrounded the azure sky and covering the blazing sun from sight.  His face was so wrinkled that it looked like a crushed cornflake.  His fists are giant rocks.  His legs are skyscrapers. His fingernails are like polished jewels.  He is as lanky as a nail file.  He can roar like thunder, make the earth 
shake and snack on grown people.  When you  look at him eat, you will think that it is a brain boggling sight. He eats all sorts of things like broccoli, ice cream, donuts, juice or even pickle pudding but most of all he likes eating boys!!! Would you like to meet my friend, the giant?

I like the way I used lots of similes and metaphors.
Next time I need to make it into paragraphs

Teacher Comment:  
Well done - Great detail, similes and metaphors.
Next steps: Write in the same tense the whole way through the description - write in present tense for example.  
I agree - Paragraph your ideas!
Try to start sentences in different ways - don't use the same word over and over again.